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YT9X Featured in "Radioamater" 6/2012

The November/December issue of Serbian national amateur radio magazine "Radioamater" brings a four-page article about Radio club "Sevojno" YU1AAX - YT9X, its history, members and activities. You can find the entire article in PDF here. The article was written in Serbian by Zivorad - Misa Stevanovic YU1MS. (Posted by YT1CW on Dec 22 2012)

CQ WW SSB 2012

YT9X Contest Team took part in the 2012 CQ WW SSB Contest, Multi-two category. Operators who took part were Tanja YT1RW, Milan YU1ZZ, Lazo YU1JW, Arsa YU1UN, Buco YT8T and Marko YT1CW. Total score is over 10M points with 7082 QSO, which is a higher score than the national CQ WW SSB M2 record which was also set by our team in 2004. You can see the photo gallery here. (Posted by YT1CW on Nov 02 2012)

New logs added to the database

The YT9X online log database now contains logs from Russian DX Contest 2012 and CQ WW SSB 2012. Feel free to search the database and see if you are in our log. See you in the following contests! (Posted by YT1CW on Nov 02 2012)

WSCC DX Seminar 2012

YT9X Contest Team and its contest site hosted a nice one-day gathering of WSCC members and friends. Participants in the event were: Graco YU1IG, Arsa YU1UN, Bobac YT1BD, Laki YU1JW, Buco YT8T, Milan YU1ZZ, Ivan YU0U, Raco YT1UR, Dule YU1EA, Marko YT1CW, Filip YU1ACE, Vlada YT1A, Peco YT9NX Sinisa YU1RA, Tanja YT1RW, Struja YU2STR, Dugi YU1WS, Mico YU2RA, Ljilja YT1ZYL and Momo YU2MS. We hope that this event will become traditional and that we will have the pleasure of hosting it for many years to come. You can see the photo gallery here. (Posted by YT1CW on Sep 25 2012)

YT9X took part in YT0HQ operation in IARU HF

YT9X Contest Team participated in Serbian National HQ Team operations as YT0HQ on two bands/modes - 20 m SSB and 14 m CW and contributed to making a score of over 20 M points! Images will be available in the gallery soon. (Posted by YT1CW on Jul 20 2012)

All YT9X contest logs are now uploaded

The entire database of YT9X contest logs is now uploaded and contains data of QSOs for the period from 2001 to 2012 with over 100.000 entries. You can use the search form to find out if/when you've had a contest QSO with YT9X. The database does not contain records of QSOs made with YU1AAX, but we'll try to make those available as well. (Posted by YT1CW on Feb 17 2012)

New YT9X website is up and running

We are proud to present our new website which is designed and developed to produce the best possible information about our activities and members. Please stay tuned for more interesting photo galleries and update of our contest log database which will contain all YT9X contest logs since 2001. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us using our Contact Page. (Posted by YT1CW on Feb 17 2012)