About Us

Brief history of Radio club “Sevojno” YU1AAX and YT9X Contest Team.

Radio club “Sevojno” YU1AAX was founded in 1996 by a group of experienced HAM operators who wanted to introduce the hobby to the local community, especially children from the local primary school “Aleksa Dejovic”. From the very beginning the club was a success – several generations of young operators were trained and they became very active on HF bands using the YU1AAX callsign, which, at the same time, was specific because it was used by a number of good operators who were under 18 years of age at the time. Thus, the club became a place where experience, youth and enthusiasm met in order to form a coherent group of people whose ambition would grow to a new level – a contest team which would match some of the best teams in the region. That is how YT9X Contest Team was founded and those are the principles by which it still operates.

YT9X callsign was first used in 2001, in YUDX Contest. From then on, the Team participated in numerous international contests, especially CQ WW DX and CQ WPX, while the club call (YU1AAX) was used in national contests. Most participations in major international contests were in multi-operator categories, which proves the team spirit, and so do the results – at the moment YT9X holds CQWW DX SSB records for Serbia in M2 and MM categories! The team also took part in YU HQ team’s operation in IARU HF several times. At the moment we are hoping to maintain the level of results and enthusiasm in order to try to be successful in numerous contests to come.